Mrs. Wisconsin America 2013

By July 13, 2013 April 30th, 2020 Past Queens

Jamie is a hardworking wife, proud mother of six children and an entrepreneur. Blessed to work alongside her best friend and husband, Richard, together they own and operate furniture stores in Wisconsin. With the faltering economy of the last few years, the Valeri’s were seeing more families coming into their stores who were struggling to provide a basic necessity for their children– a bed.
As a mother, Jamie believes EVERY child has the fundamental right to have something as basic as a bed to sleep in. They created the “Silent Night: Give a Child a Bed” program which provides children within our communities a brand new bed of their own. Within Wisconsin they have been able to provide hundreds of children with a new mattress set, but Jamie knows that they have only scratched the surface.
Children have no control over the circumstances they are born into, whether it is poverty, abuse, hunger, or homelessness. Her “Silent Night” program has received the support of The National Home Furnishings Association and the largest bedding retailer in the country.

Jamie is both proud and humbled to represent the married women of Wisconsin and her ultimate goal is to help implement a “Silent Night” chapter into every community across the country.

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