Mrs. Georgia America 2015

By July 28, 2015 April 30th, 2020 Past Queens

Laura W. Smith

“When you have a dream, you’ve got to grab it and never let go.” – Carol Burnett.  Empowering others to pursue their dreams is something Laura Smith deeply cares about in life, starting with her own children.  She is a tenacious mother of seven who has chosen to be deeply woven into her children’s lives.   She home schools and is very interactive in helping them develop their gifts and talents.  A pop rock band, acting career, dance, soccer and pageants are just a few of their ambitions which she has helped them cultivate on their journey.  Laura’s daily life has encompassed a broad range of activities and endeavors over the years, from teaching five of her children to read, to homemaking, to pursuing her own talents.  As a vocalist she has had the privilege of singing on several major albums, and currently has a modelling contract with “Real People Models and Talent”.
A life-long interest in art led to her attending the Art Institute of Atlanta after high school.  Today she loves to incorporate many forms of art in her service to her favorite non-profit organizations.  From jewelry making with orphans in Haiti, to painting with children in the Friday-Johnson home in Georgia, and helping to teach pottery to girls in the Wellspring Living home, Laura has exhibited the belief that art is an incredible aid in the healing and restoration of those affected by many forms of trauma and abuse.  She is known for being quite personable to everyone she meets.  Her desire is to work with and mentor women and young girls from all walks of life, including many who have come out of human trafficking at Wellspring Living.  Laura’s passion for bringing hope to hurting women and young girls has extended into missions in Haiti, which resulted in the Smith family hosting a young lady to come to Georgia and stay in their home while she pursued English as a second language.
Her desire to help those affected by difficult circumstances also led to her involvement with Bloom our Youth, an organization whose goal is to dramatically change the life path of foster children.  Laura’s involvement with these various organizations and causes is a reflection of the charismatic woman she is, and exemplifies her love for people and life.  As far as marriage goes, Laura has been married and deeply committed to her husband Chad for 19 years!  Together, they believe that a strong faith in God, humility, and cheering one another on in their life pursuits are the secrets to a great marriage and creating a supportive and loving family foundation.

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