Mrs. Michigan America 2015

By March 12, 2016 April 30th, 2020 Past Queens

Shaylett Stuckey

Hi ladies! I’m SO EXCITED to welcome our new directors Carl and Faith Schway! What a blessing it is to have such seasoned professionals pick up where Jody left off. This has been an amazing opportunity for me this year as Mrs. Michigan and I hope that you are getting yourself pageant ready to go home with the crown! (I don’t want to give it up but I hear there are rules against me keeping it!)
I’m not sure how many of you know what my dear friend and former director Jody has gone through, but it’s been a rough ride these past two years. After she lost her husband, she tried to press on. I won’t go into the details but I NEED you to know that she is a woman of character and excellence. I know in my heart that she would have never stepped away had the call and needs of her family not been so great. I am asking each of you to try and understand that the last thing she wanted to do was step away. But it was necessary.

The only thing that I know for sure is she would want the “show to go on”. TRULY! The BEST GIFT we could give her as she steps away from something she so fiercely protected and loved, is to travel to Minnesota this June and have our pageant. Jody has an impeccable reputation as a state director! I made my reservations last night for the hotel and I’m giddy already! I’m going to bring my mother and daughters and we’re making a road trip of it! The Mall of America may never be the same…

I haven’t had the chance to meet or speak with any of you, but I’m looking forward to a QUEENS DAY OUT in Minnesota! Keep in mind, many of you would have been coming from different areas in Michigan for the pageant in Grandville. As much as you’d love to have your friends and loved ones there, often they aren’t all able to make it. Don’t let the fact that its out of state distract you from reaching your goal. Mrs. America isn’t held in Michigan either, but your sponsors understand this. Your work with your local title, as well as if you become Mrs. Michigan America 2016, will be done in your state. The pageant is a weekend contest and you’ll be back in your state supporting and representing those whom have supported you too!

You know, 5 years ago, at 290 pounds, I would have NEVER DREAMED that I’d be winning the state title and going on to compete at the Mrs. AMERICA pageant! I even won Best Original Costume and Mrs. Congeniality! Are you kidding! Did you know I’d never done pageants before winning 2nd Runner Up in 2014?  I had so many distractions leading up to these competitions but I couldn’t allow them to keep me from my goal. I’ve got a husband, two very active daughters, a full time job, a jewelry business, and I could go on. I wanted to get the word out about supporting small business and female entrepreneurs. The doors that this little crown and sash have opened for me are indescribable. Don’t allow the distraction of traveling a little further keep you from reaching YOUR goals! Let’s rally and make this an experience to remember!

Be sure to read the information sent from our new directors and let’s begin gathering our wardrobe and toning up those last few inches! I for one am glad I’ll have a little bit longer to get into my favorite dress! THANK YOU so much for desiring to represent not only our great state but the married women who look to us as examples within our communities. Nothing happens by chance, it’s all by design. What are you going to do with this new opportunity? Now is the time to gather MORE sponsors and supporters. You’d be surprised who will be willing to help you if you just ask.
I can’t WAIT to meet you all! God bless and let’s show Carl and Faith that we are #MichiganStrong and it’s not just our lakes that are GREAT!

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