Mrs. Wisconsin America 2018

By July 8, 2018 April 30th, 2020 Past Queens

Regina Curran

Regina Curran, Mrs. Wisconsin America 2018, and her husband Chad reside in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with their two children Ivy Grace (9) and John Clayton (6).
She is a graduate of University of North Carolina Charlotte where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts, in Communications with concentration in Mass Media.
Regina was born and raised in North Carolina, fell in love with her husband from Wisconsin and moved from Charlotte to Cedarburg.  “I feel like my children are of the best of both worlds, southern charm with midwest values and I am grateful for them having both!”
She has been in the Medical, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and currently works as a Bio Pharmaceutical Clinical Oncology Specialist,  marketing and representing cancer pharmaceutics to Oncologists in the Wisconsin area.
“I am so proud of working for a company that gives so much back to the community and is so heavily involved in research and development to find a cure. They allow me to give back to the people that are impacted the most and raise awareness for cancer while working at a job that I love. During my 13 years with the company, I have been a part of Dream Deliveries, where we are able to deliver the last dreams and wishes for those battling cancer as well as the families living with those with terminal cancer. ” It’s been such an extraordinary experience to be a part of a program doing everything I can to make their last wish come true.”
Regina is proud to advocate for the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee and has raised over $125,000 through a Gala event for the organization with her husband over the last five years.
Regina and Chad were the 2017 Milwaukee chairs for the event where she and her husband have been committed to the organization and proud they were able to give back for new technology, sports/recreational equipment, and educational supplies through the fundraising efforts.
Other committed charities for Regina include Make- A- Wish Foundation , Sojourner – Domestic Violence of Milwaukee, as well as Suicide Prevention.
Additionally, Regina has been involved in volunteering within the Cedarburg school district and her community for the schools as a part of the long term plan for Ozaukee County.
She is proud to serve in the school system and to give back to such an amazing community that enriches our children and future educational system.
When she has free time, Regina loves traveling back to Charlotte, as well as Door County Wisconsin, and just being with friends and family.

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