Mrs. Georgia America 2019

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Mrs Georgia America 2019 Sabrina Ann Zielinski

Sabrina Ann Zielinski

Author of the bestseller The Essential Oils Diet, co-host of the Natural Living Family Podcast, and principle instructor for Natural Living Family’s online cooking and DIY classes, your 2019 Mrs. Georgia America is…
Sabrina Ann Zielinski!
In addition to winning overall in the Mrs. Georgia America competition, Sabrina also won the Most Photogenic, Swimsuit & Evening Gown awards.

About Mama Z

Sabrina Frawley Zielinski is a certified group fitness and martial arts instructor, health coach and a natural health guru. The mastermind behind the allergy-friendly food recipes and do-it-yourself remedies featured on NaturalLivingFamily.com, she’s known as “Mama Z” to many fellow moms who are looking for natural ways to care for their families.
Mama Z lives with her husband (Dr. Eric Zielinski) and four children in Atlanta, Georgia where they work together to bring Biblically-inspired and evidence-based natural living tips to life for readers across the world. Watch for her upcoming journey towards Mrs. America on the hashtag #RoadToMrsAmerica

Sabrina’s Story

Mrs Georgia America 2019 Sabrina Ann ZielinskiAlthough she has been working with herbs since she was a young child, Sabrina suffered from poor health for many years. Her family sold fresh herbs at a local farmer’s market from the time she was 5 years old and she would help at the market. There, the local farmers taught her about natural living, as well as some of the unnatural farming methods.
Her mother was involved with the International Herb Association and Sabrina grew up under the tutelage of this culinary and medicinal organization. Her mother’s best friend, an Ojibwa Indian, taught her all about holistic medicine and essential oils. In fact, she got her first essential oils kit, along with a book on aromatherapy, back in 8th grade.
Unfortunately, for many years she suffered from health issues, including undiagnosed food allergies and sensitivities, and was on 10 different medications by the time she was a young woman. She was taking medicine for AD/HD, allergies, feminine and digestive/intestinal issues.
Shortly after that, Sabrina accepted the Lord. As she started attending events with her church family and friends, she realized that she would get sick every time she ate at events and outings. She realized that she could not tolerate dairy and took it out of her diet.
However, this fear of eating foods that would make her sick evolved into an eating disorder. She suffered from bulimia for over a year and had dysmenorrhea. She was down to only eating a handful of foods. She told Dr. Z, “I need help. I don’t know what to eat anymore.”
She decided to go on a 10-day water fast, based on the scripture, Isaiah 58. On day 3, she started detoxing from her pores. And she took it on faith:
“I asked God to lift this burden. I really felt that I was ready. I had already weaned myself off or close to off of some of the medicines, but I just knew that God would heal my body. And I was able to get off of all those prescription drugs. Praise the Lord. I knew God was going to perfect those things that concern me.”
After meeting Dr. Z, she learned about things that were not healthy for her body, like wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, and soy among other things. Over the years, the adjustments she made helped her develop the many recipes on NaturalLivingFamily.com and in the book she co-authored with Dr. Z, “The Essential Oils Diet.”
Additionally, she learned many hacks for eating out, vacationing, and other events to keep safe and healthy. Dr. Z and Mama Z used these tips and tools to develop their website as well as the many masterclasses, cookbooks, and other items they offer.
Dr. Z and Mama Z’s mission is to educate people so they, too, can live the abundant life!
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A Special Thank You to Mrs. Georgia’s Sponsors

Supporting Sabrina to compete at the highest level possible, we give a HUGE “thank you” to all of the 2019 Mrs. Georgia America sponsors!

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Mama Z has been featured in a variety of local, national and global media outlets.
Go here to see a complete list of media placements.
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Mrs. Georgia America 2018

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Liana Brackett

Bold and courageous. Those two words have spurred on a passion and spark in Liana Brackett’s life that has extended into her personal, professional, and now pageant life as Mrs. Georgia America 2018.
Liana lives in Marietta, Georgia with her husband and their two fur babies, Dolce and Dasher. She started her bold and courageous journey by choosing a career in meteorology, graduating from the University of California, Davis, with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Science. She worked for the federal government as a forecaster at the National Weather Service before boldly making the transition into broadcast meteorology at a local TV station.  She now works at the national TV network, The Weather Channel, in Atlanta, Georgia.
STE(A)M, Science, Technology, Engineering, (Arts), and Math is strongly rooted in Liana’s life and is a natural platform for her reign as Mrs. Georgia America 2018. Her passion is to inspire and encourage participation in STE(A)M within and outside of classrooms.
She is an active presenter for virtual classroom presentations through NEPRIS, which connects teachers from all across the USA to professionals in STE(A)M related fields. She connects to other professionals in her field and her community through her involvement with the American Meteorological Society, where she mentors other college students and young professionals.
She serves as the Vice President of Membership for her local Toastmasters Club, that she participates with her husband, David, who serves as the Vice President of Education in the club. She also serves as an usher at her church in Atlanta.
In Liana’s free time, she enjoys doing Improv, Toastmasters, and working out with her husband, making bobbin lace with her fellow Atlanta International Organization of Lace guild members, writing her first book, and dancing…mostly ballet, latin/ballroom, and she is excited to try out flamenco this fall.
Connect with Liana via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube by using the handle @LianaBrackett.


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Mrs. Minnesota America 2018

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Allison Crandall 

Allison Crandall was crowned  Mrs. Minnesota-America 2018 on June 23, 2018. Allison and her husband, Benjamin, parents of two young children, are proud to represent Minnesota in August at the 42nd annual Mrs. America Pageant in Las Vegas, NV.
With a background in Esthetics and a degree from the Aveda Institute Minneapolis, Allison has been busy helping women feel confident and beautiful. Just recently, she has extended her services to include personal styling and wardrobe makeovers with her very own business, ALLISONmary Image Consulting. She believes true beauty radiates from the inside out and that when you look polished and put together, you feel better!
Pageantry has been a great vehicle for Allison to empower other women across the state and nation to dream and pursue their passions and goals. It has also been an important vehicle to advocate her platform for melanoma awareness and the benefits of early detection. Since her diagnosis of melanoma at the age of 31,  Allison has been steadfast in her efforts to educate the public on this serious issue.
Allison participates regularly at various community service events and is extremely dedicated to teaching her children the value of helping others in need. Her son, Chase, accompanies her regularly to gather, pack, and deliver boxes of food, toys, and various household consumables to families less fortunate that live in nearby communities  She believes that parents are responsible for instilling in their children the values of hard-work, compassion, and gratitude. She is hopeful that this will inspire other families just like hers to link arms with her and make an even greater impact on the community.
In her free time, she loves to vacation at her family’s lake home, workout, travel. The Crandalls reside in Apple Valley, MN.

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Mrs. Wisconsin America 2018

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Regina Curran

Regina Curran, Mrs. Wisconsin America 2018, and her husband Chad reside in Cedarburg, Wisconsin with their two children Ivy Grace (9) and John Clayton (6).
She is a graduate of University of North Carolina Charlotte where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts, in Communications with concentration in Mass Media.
Regina was born and raised in North Carolina, fell in love with her husband from Wisconsin and moved from Charlotte to Cedarburg.  “I feel like my children are of the best of both worlds, southern charm with midwest values and I am grateful for them having both!”
She has been in the Medical, Biotech, and Pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years and currently works as a Bio Pharmaceutical Clinical Oncology Specialist,  marketing and representing cancer pharmaceutics to Oncologists in the Wisconsin area.
“I am so proud of working for a company that gives so much back to the community and is so heavily involved in research and development to find a cure. They allow me to give back to the people that are impacted the most and raise awareness for cancer while working at a job that I love. During my 13 years with the company, I have been a part of Dream Deliveries, where we are able to deliver the last dreams and wishes for those battling cancer as well as the families living with those with terminal cancer. ” It’s been such an extraordinary experience to be a part of a program doing everything I can to make their last wish come true.”
Regina is proud to advocate for the Boys and Girls Club of Milwaukee and has raised over $125,000 through a Gala event for the organization with her husband over the last five years.
Regina and Chad were the 2017 Milwaukee chairs for the event where she and her husband have been committed to the organization and proud they were able to give back for new technology, sports/recreational equipment, and educational supplies through the fundraising efforts.
Other committed charities for Regina include Make- A- Wish Foundation , Sojourner – Domestic Violence of Milwaukee, as well as Suicide Prevention.
Additionally, Regina has been involved in volunteering within the Cedarburg school district and her community for the schools as a part of the long term plan for Ozaukee County.
She is proud to serve in the school system and to give back to such an amazing community that enriches our children and future educational system.
When she has free time, Regina loves traveling back to Charlotte, as well as Door County Wisconsin, and just being with friends and family.

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Mrs. Iowa America 2018

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Jill Finken

An Iowa native, Jill Finken, is a multi-role woman who believes strong women empower each other.  For over twenty years, Jill has served in the Iowa Army National Guard.  She is a combat veteran and deployed to Afghanistan with the 2/34thInfantry Brigade Combat Team from 2010-2011 when her son was just two years old. She currently holds the rank of Major and serves full-time as the Special Branch Recruiter for the Iowa National Guard, in which capacity she is responsible for recruiting medical professionals, lawyers and chaplains into military service.
Jill holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Northern Iowa, a J.D. from Drake Law School, and an M.S. in Management from the American College.  She is licensed to practice law in Iowa and Nebraska and worked as an attorney for ten years before committing herself full-time to military service.  Jill embraces individuality and believes every woman is unique, which is beauty in its own respect.
For the past decade, Jill has been advocate for Veterans’ issues, and in particular the issues facing female Veterans.  As Mrs. Iowa America 2018, Jill plans to promote the interests of Veterans through education and raising public awareness about these issues, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, suicide, homelessness and access to quality healthcare.  She currently volunteers at the Central Iowa VA Hospital and adopts deployed service members through Soldiers Angels.  Jill believes it is her responsibility to share her experiences, both those in Afghanistan and at home, with a broader audience in order to bridge the perceived gap between military and civilian culture.  She is one of the women followed in the feature-length film “Journey to Normal: Women of War Come Home,”
Jill currently resides in Johnston, Iowa and has been married for 11 years to the love of her life and best friend, John.  Mr. Finken is also in the Iowa Army National Guard and works full-time as a Warrant Officer.  John and Jill have two children, Trevor, age 10 and Brooklyn, age 5.  In her spare time, Jill enjoys running and has completed nine full marathons.  She also enjoys lifting kettlebells, going to movies, visiting National Parks, all things Disney, and completing 1,000 piece puzzles.

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Mrs. Michigan America 2018

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Jodi Byers

Jodi Byers, Mrs. Michigan America 2018, and her husband Caleb, reside in Allegan, Michigan with their black lab Gauge. Jodi is a graduate of Hope College, where she obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications. Jodi currently teaches Kindergarten at Otsego Christian Academy. Teaching and working with children is a great joy of Jodi’s and helping raise-up the youngest generation of Kingdom Builders is the exciting adventure she is thrilled that the Lord has placed on her heart.
As a brain injury survivor, Jodi is an advocate for brain injury awareness and prevention. Jodi has partnered with the Brain Injury Association of Michigan as a Spokesperson and travels the state to community events, support groups, fundraisers, and athletic departments, where she shares her own personal story.With her passion and drive to create positive change, her goal is to continue educating and raising support for those affected by brain injuries.
When Jodi is not hanging with kids or travelling the state, her hobbies include family time, crafting with her Nini, going on long walks with her husband and dog, and cheering on her siblings at their college basketball games.


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