Mrs. Wisconsin America 2015

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Leana’ C. Grimm

“No change can come if those who are impacted the most by discrimination are not willing to stand up for themselves.” Zainab Salbi
Native to Milwaukee, 26 year-old, wife and mother of 3, multi-talent artist, actress, musician and more — I am Leana’ C. Grimm, and I am honored to be your Mrs. Wisconsin America 2015.
My platform is centered around my deepest and darkest past: “Breaking the Silence: Ending Abuse, Poverty and Violence.” My plans are to share many of my stories of escaping from a childhood filled with physical and mental abuse, substance abuse as a teenager, homelessness as an early adult, a running rebel, and fleeing the pressures of society. I acknowledge situations that seem unreal that play hands in creating higher rates of lives ending with violence that our youth faces today. I know what it is like to be stuck as a teen, trying to get out. I fight the good battle to live a happy and free life. I am part of several major community programs in which I assist and am an advocate on behalf of.
I recently became the Creative Director of OutSquad Cheerleading Team of Outlet: Plugging People In, Inc., a Non-Profit designed to empower teens thru volunteerism opportunities throughout the city and with an additional, occasional cheer! I also work close with other non-profit organizations such as Pathfinders MKE and more throughout the state. I balance being a college student, who is going after a BA in Arts & Design with a minor in Politics and Community Leadership. I am also a Film Actress and a Musician with styles ranging from Opera to Jazz. I have an impressive resume as a freelance artist who loves painting, playing around with b/w photography, am a motivational speaker, activist, and volunteer. I am considered a “life coach” or advisor to the many individuals that I help, although I don’t like all the many titles.
My greatest passion is to work with youth of different backgrounds by sharing my creative skills and knowledge to promote turning negative experiences into growth and positive action. People who have suffered abuse and violence in their lives will relate to my personal stories of mental and physical abuse at home as a child until the age of 17. After that I was periodically homeless until the age of 23. I longed for a better life than my own childhood. Realizing that the world isn’t perfect and can sometimes throw curves balls of defeat, I decided to take a stand against my former existence and turn to God.

I read in the Bible, Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find it; knock and it will be opened to you.” But what did it really mean to walk in boldness and not as myself, someone who was still struggling with confidence, doubt and a dark childhood?  With God’s help I have become an example for others of how to live a stable life, create a loving family life and help those in the community with a similar Life Stories.
I feel like the main and real reason I was chosen to represent more than the women and families of Wisconsin, is because of my funny sense of humor, how down-to-earth I am, how easy it is for others to relate to me and being from a culturally entwined family, that represents intelligence, traditions and the diversity that our modern America needs to see.  I work hard not only for my family and myself but for a city and state in need of someone like me.  I believe I have been called to Serve, Love, Exemplify and Give God Glory. If you turn the lights on then darkness is no longer dim — think about it and pass it on.
Follow her journey to the crown on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/MrsWisconsinAmerica2015

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Mrs. Iowa America 2014

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Amy Rogalla

“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou
A philanthropist at heart, Amy Rogalla is proud to represent Iowa and the Iowa Food Bank Association.  Hunger isn’t talked about in everyday conversation.  It begins with a NEED.  Family’s needs are met through food banks, and mobile pantries with purpose and compassion; in one of life’s most desperate moments.  Compassion that offers hope to some of Iowa’s most needy.   It is a purpose that is fueled by engaging a community and acting with careful thought.   As a full time AmeriCorps VISTA Volunteer, Amy developed and managed the hunger awareness campaign- FEED THE NEED | NOURISH YOUR NEIGHBOR – which has been displayed at, among other places, the World Food Prize Hall of Laureates and the Iowa State Capitol Building. Hunger affects more than 389,720 people in Iowa.  Nearly 140,000 of them are children.  As Mrs. Iowa America, she will continue to support the eight Feeding America Food Banks in Iowa by raising hunger awareness through the widely acclaimed FEED THE NEED | NOURISH YOUR NEIGHBOR  campaign.  Her work with the Iowa Food Bank Association will always be close to her heart.  She will continue to urge  state and national legislators to form public-private partnerships to ensure that Iowa and national food banking systems continue to receive funding.
Amy keeps a very busy with her four children, Lauren (9), Livia (7), Wyatt (5) and Walker (3).  She married her high school sweet heart, Brandon, 11 years ago. Mr. Iowa works as a Conservation Ranger in Cedar Falls, where they live at the lake he oversees.  Together, the family enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, boating, hunting, fishing and riding ATV’s.  Amy also has a love for Great Danes, and enjoys breeding and traveling to show them in confirmation.
Amy graduated from Des Moines Area Community College with an Associate degree in Fashion Merchandising with a minor in Business Marketing. She then went on to receive a Child Development Credential at Iowa State University.  For many years she owned and directed a child care center in her home town of Indianola, Iowa.  Upon moving to Cedar Falls, Iowa for her husband to pursue a career in Conservation, she enrolled in Capri College, where she studies Cosmetology, and will go on to pursue a career in Makeup Artistry.  She continues to volunteer for the Iowa Food Bank Association and fight hunger in rural Iowa communities.

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Mrs. Minnesota America 2014

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Alia Arellano

“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Abraham Lincoln
As a lifelong Minnesotan, I am so honored and excited to represent married women across the beautifulLand of 10,000 Lakes!
My husband Nick and I have been married for three years. I knew very shortly after our first date at a Minnesota Twins game that he was the one for me, and almost exactly two years after that date, we were married.  We share our home with our three high-energy dogs and two adorable cats. I am very much looking forward to starting a family in the near future, but for now we are enjoying what pet parenthood has to offer. My husband is my best friend and biggest supporter. He pushes me to be my best every day and I am so blessed to share my life with him. In our spare time we enjoy spending time with family and friends, cheering on our Minnesota sports teams, relaxing on the lake, and being outside enjoying the serene nature of Minnesota.
Working with children has always been one of my biggest passions in life, along with my love of learning. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education, a Master of Science degree in K-12 Education and am currently working on completing my dissertation for my Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership. Presently I am a Behavior Intervention Specialist at an elementary school. Each day I work with children who struggle with behavior and help them learn alternatives to allow them to be successful. I am so grateful to have a career in which I am able to impact the lives of children and their families every day.  There is no better feeling than knowing you have made a difference in the life of a child!
In the fourteen years I’ve worked with children, I have been instrumental in mentoring and empowering young girls to become leaders in their lives. I encourage them to use their inner leader and compass to make decisions about what is best for them and who they want to become. I have worked with countless young girls to encourage and develop their skills as leaders. I am proud to hold leadership positions in various community organizations, as well as in my career, which has allowed me to demonstrate leadership in a variety of areas. I am thankful for these opportunities, as they have enabled me to be a role model and truly live my mission. As a result, I am able to use my extensive knowledge and experience to impact the lives of young girls in my community. Mentoring young girls and empowering them to become leaders is a truly priceless experience.  Seeing young girls I’ve worked with achieve their goals gives me so much joy and hope for the beautiful and intelligent women they will become.
I am excited for the amazing opportunity the Mrs. America pageant has provided me to be an example of leadership and community activism. I will continue to instill the power of an education to young girls I work with and to show them that beauty pageants are more than skin deep. I plan to make the most of this once-in-a-lifetime  experience as your Mrs. Minnesota America.

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Mrs. Wisconsin America 2014

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Autumn Joy Kastein

“The world needs dreamers, and the world needs doers, but most importantly the world needs dreamers who will do!”
Autumn Joy Kastein is blessed and humbled to be representing the state of Wisconsin at the 2014 Mrs. America Pageant. Born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Autumn says that she cannot think of a better place to settle down with her husband, Andrew, to start their family. “The people here are kind, generous, and hard working.”
Mr. and Mrs. Wisconsin enjoy staying active with their 3 nieces and nephews; (Nolan, Lauren, and Gemma) and 2 fur babies; (Tucker and Millie). They also have a passion for anything related to the outdoors as they can often be found at their family cottage on the weekends. Autumn’s husband, Andy, admits that they often enjoy “food exploration” at local restaurants as he has lovingly nominated Autumn as “America’s Worst Cook!”
As a Regional Manager for Anytime Fitness, Autumn currently oversees 16 Anytime Fitness locations, her official job title is h2i, “Hired to Inspire”. Leading by example she teaches confidence and motivates her members to obtain a healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition and exercise.
Autumn is the chair person for her company’s “Stellar Standard,” a group of volunteers that promote community involvement and volunteerism among her company’s employees. Autumn’s true passion is promoting awareness about the signs and symptoms of colon cancer. In memory of her grandmother, and also her best friend who is now a 10 year survivor Autumn’s platform; “Let’s put colon cancer behind us!” focus’s on reaching out to state politicians and community board members to create public service announcements to bring awareness and fundraising ventures to another level throughout her state. Through her platform work as Mrs. Wisconsin Autumn was able to partner with Mayor Jim Schmitt and declare March 8th “Wear Blue Day” in the city of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Her goal as Mrs. Wisconsin is to reach out to doctors, politicians, and the community to encourage early screenings and more awareness for colon cancer.

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Mrs. Georgia America 2014

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Eiesha M. Horsley

Dream and Dream BIG!  I am truly a dreamer of all things exquisite and extraordinary!  I am the proud wife of Jarrell, a Captain in the United States Army and puppy mother of a precious Maltese, Gabrielle.  Being crowned Mrs. Georgia America 2014 is not only an honor and humbling experience, but a phenomenal blessing to compete for Mrs. America.  Representing the perfectly “peachy” state allows me the opportunity to uplift not only married women, but families and individuals of all ages in a variety of ways.  Specifically, empowering women to achieve and promote the importance of personal and professional goals, while providing a forum in which to express my talents, intelligence, and experience is my ultimate goal and way to give back in a greater capacity.
Distinguished entrepreneur, accomplished scholar, philanthropist, and renowned cheerleading, dance and gymnastics instructor is
my passion.  I am the owner of M.A.D.E. “Making A Difference Everywhere” Today, Inc., a professional development company where I direct, conduct, and lead programs working with community and state organizations, families, and youth in both Georgia and North Carolina- www.madetoday.net.  MADE has grasped over 200 cheer and dance regional and national titles in four states in just five years.  As a former professional NFL cheerleader and Captain for the Carolina Panthers I was able to be an ambassador for the community and young girls who aspire to live their dreams.  I am an avid scholar and love to learn any and everything!  I graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor’s Degree from Norfolk State University and was named a Ronald E. McNair fellow, Psi Chi National Honor Society Scholar, appeared in Vibe Magazine, Ebony Magazine and Charlotte Women’s Magazine on my profession and personal accomplishments.  I was also delighted to be an exemplary intern for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Psychology department and received rewards and recognition for my presentations at the University of Pennsylvania.  I hold a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management with honors and currently completing my dissertation and PhD. Studies in Organization Management with an emphasis in Human Resource Management expected Summer 2015.  Continuous learning brings continuous opportunities in my career and possibilities in serving others.
During my spare time I enjoy my active involvement in Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Incorporated, traveling, interior design, camping, and giving back to the youth and aspiring individuals who desire to live their dreams beyond their belief.  Making a positive contribution to society is all worth living for, and leaving a legacy is timeless.   I believe laughter is contagious, joy is strength, and courage is motivation.  I encourage all to dream big and believe that all things are possible, giving back is essential and believing through execution and consistency is longevity.

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Mrs. Wisconsin America 2013

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Jamie is a hardworking wife, proud mother of six children and an entrepreneur. Blessed to work alongside her best friend and husband, Richard, together they own and operate furniture stores in Wisconsin. With the faltering economy of the last few years, the Valeri’s were seeing more families coming into their stores who were struggling to provide a basic necessity for their children– a bed.
As a mother, Jamie believes EVERY child has the fundamental right to have something as basic as a bed to sleep in. They created the “Silent Night: Give a Child a Bed” program which provides children within our communities a brand new bed of their own. Within Wisconsin they have been able to provide hundreds of children with a new mattress set, but Jamie knows that they have only scratched the surface.
Children have no control over the circumstances they are born into, whether it is poverty, abuse, hunger, or homelessness. Her “Silent Night” program has received the support of The National Home Furnishings Association and the largest bedding retailer in the country.

Jamie is both proud and humbled to represent the married women of Wisconsin and her ultimate goal is to help implement a “Silent Night” chapter into every community across the country.

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